Book Review of Whispering of the Light

Dr. Paveena Posang shares her life story in Whispering of the Light, a tale of spiritual wealth and personal accomplishment. From the depths of poverty in Thailand, she has grown into an intelligent woman with a military service record, a medical degree, and a deep assuredness of her faith.

Named after her short-lived baby sister, Dr. Posang was acquainted with her family’s history from an early age. Her mother’s inspiring journey raising four children with no income solidified Dr. Posang’s place among a lineage of “life warriors.” Her Aunt Sue was a physician and ultimately influenced her to become a doctor.

Her love of reading and knowledge helped her in scholarly pursuits, including learning English after relocating in her youth and completing her degree. Through her range of spiritual assessments, she has nurtured her ability to focus on the deeper meaning of her life’s progression through events both big and small. Her abundance of ancestral stories spans generations and provided a rich influence on her beliefs as a child.

In her book, she shares the memories of her life in a stream-of-thought outpouring of contemplative messages on a range of topics, such as following examples, learning from the past, taking control of external influences in your life, and seeking wisdom in daily interactions. Her insights into Thai culture and its effects on her family, as well as her experience with poverty and pursuing opportunities for a better life adds a deeper layer of understanding to the path her life has taken.
In Whispering of the Light, Dr. Posang shares her path to joyfulness by exploring such aspects as the power of positive thinking, the significance of numbers, and the difference a mindful attitude can make. She provides a look at the world as seen through the lens of her own spiritual understanding and speaks to the truth that overcoming our own hardships is essential to understanding and helping others through theirs. Her earnest words are a call of encouragement for others to find and fulfill their own potential. – Review by Book Excellence (

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